Zomato Food Trail (A leaf from the past)

I had always heard a lot about how amazing Food Trails were, but had never been a part of one myself. Zomato gave me this unique opportunity and I couldn’t resist the temptation.

The Zomato food trail was held at the Walk at JBR in collaboration with Emirates NBD. The most exciting thing about the trail was that we were not aware of the restaurants we were visiting, nor were we aware of the dishes that we were to try.

Stop 1 – Leopold’s of London

The trail started at Leopold’s of London with Tea and some lovely cakes. I was a bit late to the event due to work commitments and traffic hence I missed the start, however this did not stop me from digging into the delicious cakes. There were 6 different varieties of cakes that I got to try, namely: Spicy Carrot, Vanilla Blueberry Cheesecake, Date Cake, Ginger Cake, Salted Caramel and Flourless Chocolate.

Photo Nov 24, 15 50 01
This is what happens when you are late

If I were to pick my favourites, I would go with the Flourless Chocolate and Ginger Cake.

Photo Nov 24, 15 57 23

We were made to taste different varieties of tea, each unique in its appearance and flavour. Leopold’s has quite a collection of tea and the staff will help you understand how each tea type will taste like.

Stop 2 – Butcha Steakhouse

Photo Nov 24, 16 07 56

Moving on, we hopped skipped and jumped (not literally) our way to the second location, Butcha. Butcha is a Steakhouse but also serves other meats like Lamb and Chicken.

Photo Nov 24, 16 10 06

We had some Turkish cheese and Tulum Salad. I simply loved the Turkish Cheese.

Photo Nov 24, 16 10 36

Next on were the cold cuts that included smoked beef, smoked lamb and Bresoala with Rocca leaves. My favourite from the lot was the smoked beef. The meat was just amazing.

However the highlight of the evening for me were the lamb chops served to us. The tender and delicious lamb chops were just amazing. When you had lamb chops so good, you don’t need cutlery to have it. We ate the meat right from the bone (so good).

Photo Nov 24, 16 42 04

If you are one of those who like seeing their meat being grilled right in front of your eyes, then head over to the grilling area and check the meat being grilled to perfection.

Stop 3 – Fratelli La Bufala

Photo Nov 24, 16 59 29

Next on the list was the Fratelli La Bufala, the home to Italian food. We had an amazing activity lined up at Fratelli.

Chef Pepe who is the man behind all the delicious dishes that hit your table, helped us to make our own pizzas.

We were given the ingredients to design the pizzas and we went ahead and did so. After failing at my first attempt to make a round pizza, I opted to make a heart rather. This did turn out to be better.

It was fun to make pieces of my heart (I am referring to the pizza lol) and have them.

Photo Nov 24, 17 19 15.jpg

The Bocconcino Mozzarella di Bufala which is the a huge piece of Mozzarella with cherry tomatoes and Rocca leaves with olive oil served to us was simply wow.

We were also served a pretty cool horn shaped Pizza calzone with dried Beef, Mozzarella, Grana padana cheese and Rocca leaves.

The last dish served was a Tiramisu, which was good too. I really liked the food at Fratelli.

Stop 4 – Paul’s

Photo Nov 24, 18 09 22

By the time we arrived at the last stop we were stuffed but Pallavi showed us no mercy whatsoever :P.

We started with some bread and were then loaded with a tonne of desserts. Being foodies we still gave a shot to most of the desserts but were not able to finish it. The meal ended with a coffee in order to try and digest all the yumminess we had consumed over the 4 stops.

This was my first official food tour and I loved it. Looking forward to the ones after this. Special thanks to Zomato, Emirates NBD and Pallavi Sangtani for the invite and the fun tour.

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