Logma – Keep the fries down and no one gets hurt

It’s been quite some time that I have been hearing about Logma. So when I got an invite from the management to try the food, I didn’t think twice. Why would you not want to try the local Emirati cuisine or as they say Khaleeji Cuisine?


They say never go alone on a fun trip and I do agree to it. My company for the lunch at Logma was my friend and Food Connoisseur Sarah (What Nossy Ate).

We settled down and placed our order for drinks. I ordered for Atlantis, a Lemon and Mint drink (on the right in the photo below).


The drink was served in a small bottle similar to glass milk bottles we get back home. The drink was refreshing and felt so good, especially given the bright shining sun outside.

“Meals should start with salads” said no foodie ever and I concur. We started the meal by ordering some breakfast dishes as the restaurant was still serving them. The three dishes we ordered were Egg Paratha, Beef Shakshouka and Balaleet.


The Egg Paratha is basically a Paratha with an Omelette rolled in it. The Omelette consists of Tomatoes, Cheese, Tomato and Coriander. I am a big fan of Eggs and I have had lots of Egg Parathas as a kid. Probably not in my list of the top 3 dishes I tried at Logma but it’s a good heavy dish nevertheless.

The other dish Beef Shakshouka was yummy. Have I told you that I am big fan of Eggs (hell yes, just said that in the last paragraph). The dish is basically minced beef mixed with spicy tomato sauce, topped with fried eggs, crisp herbs and pine nuts. I really liked this dish.


Bring on the Balaleet! The Balaleet is basically vermicelli cooked in some ghee and sugar. It is similar to the Indian Semiya (not to be mixed with the milk based Seviya) however it is less sweeter than that. One of my personal favourite sweet dishes since childhood.


Okay I lied earlier; we did order a salad but it wasn’t a boring one. We ordered the Pomegranate Mozzarella salad. The salad is pleasing to the eyes and to the mouth at the same time.

Next on were probably my top 2 dishes of Logma – The Logma Fries and the Khaleeji chicken wings.

The tiny but delicious chicken wings have a very different flavour compared to any wings I have tried in the past. Loved them.

You would be thinking what is so special about fries? They are just fries. I say move away regular fries, cometh the Logma fries. The fries with a very unique flavour (that is not disclosed due to obvious reasons) are so addictive that you will just not stop.

We were pretty full after all the food and thought that we would just have one more dish – The Beef Khameer and that would be a wrap but the staff insisted that we try the Cheese Samboosa. Man, those guys are pretty persuasive (in a good way). They managed to convince us to try the Cheese Samboosa.


Samboosa is a deep fried stuffed pastry snack. The Cheese Samboosa from Logma  is stuffed with cream cheese mixed with Chips Oman. The Samboosa has a bit of red chili powder on it as well. Chips Oman called for a Samboosa cheers with S *Cheers*.

Moving on to the finale, the Beef Khameer was amazing. The Beef Khameer, as the name suggests is served in the traditional freshly baked Khameer bread. The bread is stuffed with roasted Beef, Tomatoes, pepper marmalade, mixed baby greens, cheddar Cheese, sun-dried Tomatoes and Pesto. So much deliciousness in every bite.

That was all! Even though we were asked to try some dessert, we did not give in this time *winks* as we were so stuffed.

The overall experience at Logma was very good. The staff was friendly with the service being just at the right pace. The food was obviously good with the fries, wings and Khameer stealing the show for me.

I will surely be adding another Log in ma diary for Logma.


I was invited to try the food at Logma, therefore I have not provided the prices of the dishes or any ratings for the restaurant. All opinions expressed are solely based on my experience and are not influenced by the restaurant or its management in any way.


Restaurant: Logma

Location: Box Park, Al Wasl Road

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