#FiveBitesInABox – A food tour love story

I get pretty excited whenever it comes to food tours and whenever invited to one, I never miss the chance to be a part of it. The invite from #FiveBitesInABox was no exception. The invite was very smart and unique at the same time. A box arrived at my door step with different spices and a few items in a box indicating the five different places that we would be visiting as a part of our food tour at Box Park, Al Wasl Road. It put my brains to test and probably just figured out 1 or 2 of the clues.

Stop 1 – Le Tresor


The food tour started at Le Tresor, a cafe serving French and European food. The cafe has a setup that people with a love for vintage cars would appreciate.

Cool classic cars at the entrance and some classic car parts placed around the restaurant are all part of what creates a unique ambiance at Le Tresor.

We were served a late afternoon tea along with some canapés, creme brulee and some afternoon tea snacks. The tea would be a good idea when catching up with friends or probably when you just want to relax, sip tea and indulge in a few light bites.

Stop 2 – Dri Dri


Stop 2 was Dri Dri, a good stop for the ice cream lovers. Dri Dri offers a wide variety of flavours with the unique one being the one with gold flakes. The gold flakes ice cream comes along in a pistachio flavour. One has the option to enjoy the ice cream in either a cup or a cone.

I opted for the hazelnut ice cream in a cup. I would surely like to try a few more flavours.

Stop 3 – Big Chefs Studio

One of the stops I guessed right was stop no. 3 – Big Chefs Studio. I have been to Big Chefs before and I liked the food there. It was a good experience to see Chef Abs creating super quick snacks and dishes while we drooled over the fact how good they were.

We had a delicious salad, Artichoke hummus with bread and the amazing balsamic vinegar, Halloumi cheese, Lamb chops, Edamame Felafel Poppers with Avocado. I was already getting full after this stop.

I loved most of the dishes made by Chef Abs.

Stop 4 – Bikes N Bites


This was a stop for those who like bikes (motorcycle). Stop 4 was Bikes n bites. The restaurant has different types of bikes parked outside the restaurant however that is not what caught my eye. Each and every component in the restaurant relates to bikes; be it the chair outside the restaurant with a Harley steel plate and the hand rests shaped like bike fuel tanks, the cutlery which is kept in tool boxes, the use of nuts and bolts etc.



The restaurant also has very interesting sitting areas wherein you can climb a small ladder and sit in a small open cabin shaped area. Another highlight is that they have some games that you can play while you wait for the food.

We were served with the Phat boy platter which is a platter for the meat eaters. The platter is pretty huge and should be good enough for 2-3 people. It consists of Slow smoked prime angus beef brisket, Sweet and smokey Turkey breast, Flame grilled flank steak, Hotlink beef sausage. The restaurant also has a very wide range of sauces that you can choose from to go along with your food.

Since stop no. 4 was quite some distance from Stop no. 5, we took a ride. Quite a fun experience.

Stop 5 – Kuai


The last stop on the list was Kuai, a Chinese restaurant. The restaurant with cool interiors and an amazing Panda graffiti looks very inviting.

We started with Chinese Tea which is considered to be good for easing you into your meal and getting rid of any tiredness at the same time.


Next on was candy floss and Mochi. Mochi is an interesting type of ice cream. I have had Chinese food a lot of time but I had never had Mochi before. This was surely a good experience.

By the time we got done it was quite late but why would I complain? I had some yummy food and a good time with so many foodies and my Amigos of course. There is a lot I am yet to try from these restaurants and I am sure I will be going back for more soon.


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