Recipe: Make Wings Not War

A few weeks back, I, Sarah and Jen were having discussions on a possible meet up for Chicken Wings. After deciding on a date, we cancelled a few times due to unavoidable circumstances and I just couldn’t wait for wings. I finally decided to have a go and make wings for myself (I had never made wings before this).

I had some frozen chicken at home (wings only) and thought of trying my luck. Good for me that the wings turned out to be really good. Here’s the recipe:

Step 1: Defrosting

Take the frozen wings out, keep them in water and let the ice just melt away. There is no exact time to this but usually it might take from 20 minutes to probably an hour depending on how much quantity of the chicken is and how big the bowl is.

Step 2: Cleaning

This is by far the most difficult bit of the recipe. Once defrosted, take the chicken wings and cut them. You will need to use both hands and knives since the wings are joint. What I mean is that if you go to a restaurant, you are usually served 2 types of wings. One of them being the lollipop style one and the other one which looks more like an arrow.

You will need to break these both apart and remove any extra fat on the skin. The fat can be pulled out but make sure you leave some on it which will anyway burn out when cooking. Make sure to wash each and every piece thoroughly. Let the water drain before you proceed further.

Step 3: Preparing the sauce

I made 2 types of wings. The first one was the BBQ one and the second one was the garlic one. The second one requires preparing the sauce. To make the sauce, follow these steps:

a. Take a pan, turn the gas on slow for 2-3 minutes.

b. Add about 2-3 tablespoons of unsalted butter and let it melt (increase the quantity if you have large quantity of wings to make).

c. Add finely chopped garlic. I used about 3 cloves.

d. Add salt and red pepper as per your taste

e. Mix everything up and let the sauce cook for a few minutes till it becomes a bit golden brown and you can smell the garlicky flavour.

Step 4: Marinating

The next step involved marinating the wings in the different sauces. For the BBQ one, just pour some BBQ sauce in a bowl and throw in the wings to the bowl. Marinate the wings till they are completely glazed in the sauce.

For the Garlic sauce ones, pour the sauce prepared in step 3 in a bowl and add the wings to it. Add a bit of hot sauce to the wings as well and marinate the wings.

Step 5: Cooking them

Once marinated, let the wings stay for about 25-30 minutes so that the sauces get into the skin. I used a Philips Airfryer to make the wings and used no oil at all. Preheat the airfryer at 160 degrees celsius for 3 minutes. Cook the wings at 180 degrees celsius for about 4-5 minutes.

Step 6: Serving

For serving, you will need to add more sauce since the wings become a bit dry when airfried. For the BBQ one, add some BBQ sauce on top of the wings and some ranch as well. For the Garlic one, add some hot sauce on top of the wings and serve.


You can also check out the snapchat video below which covers most of the recipe:

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