Eat Sleep Rave Repeat (6 weekend challenge)

A few months back, I decided to something different; something that I had not tried before; something that would require a lot of energy and burning a lot of calories (I mean it). I was to achieve a feat if I may call it that. I set down a challenge of 6 parties on 6 continuous weekends.

The point of this was not only personal but was to show that Dubai has a lot of places and concerts throughout the year. It might not be the party capital of the world but it does have all the traits required to be one. Remember Dubai is still young, it is still learning.

The best part about Dubai is the multicultural crowd that is part of any concert or party. So every concert itself becomes as cool as a music festival (where people from all over come to attend). So the next time you plan to come down to Dubai, make sure you add one or two parties to the plan.

Party no. 1 – Piknic Electronik at the Address Montgomerie (23 January 2016)

Piknic Electronik is a day event for those who love electronic music. The event is a relaxed and laid back one so that anyone of any age can enjoy the event. The setup is simple with open grass areas where people just lie down and relax while enjoying the weather.

Kids have their bouncy castles to burn out the energy while adults can enjoy food and drinks whilst electronic beats play in the background. Some individuals can be seen playing with Frisbees while others enjoy with hula hoops. As the sun goes down, families start to leave with more of the party crowd pouring in. The beats get stronger and the dance floor goes alive.

A very simple yet exciting event wherein one can witness electronic DJs all over the world. The event is held every alternate Saturday in the months of January to March.

Party no.2 – Duke Dumont and Max Vangeli at Zero Gravity (29 January 2016)

Zero Gravity is one of my favourite party venues in Dubai. The doors open in the afternoon itself even though the party doesn’t start till the evening. Head down for a brunch at Zero Gravity or probably for a few drinks with friends. Zero gravity has an indoor area as well wherein the DJ keeps spinning some amazing beats.

Outdoors there’s a crazy crowd enjoying and dancing to the beats of the headliners.

Party no.3- Pulse at Movenpick Hotel Dubai (5 February 2016)


This venue would probably look out of place for many but for me it looks just about okay. I hadn’t been to a Desi night for ages and had to fit it in as one of the parties. Desi music basically refers to the Indo-Pak music, both national and international tunes. A good place to visit if you are in the older side of the town and don’t feel like going too far to party.

It is the only indoor venue on the list so if indoors and low ceilings (not very low) is not your thing, then you might opt for something else. There are other indoor clubbing options too.

Party no.4 – Redfest DXB at Dubai Media City Amphitheatre (11 February 2016)

Redfest DXB is the only Music Festival in Dubai that runs over the period of 2 days. This year, I attended the 1st day of the Festival with stars such as Rita Ora, Darwin, The Vamps and Steve Aoki setting the stage on fire.

Surprising to see a lot of teenage crowd but then it is not a 18+ or 21+ event. Held at the open to air Dubai Media City Amphitheatre, the place does get really crowded. Can’t blame anyone since all the teenagers want to experience what partying feels like. There were a lot of adults too who loved grooving to the beats. Steve Aoki stole the show with a power-packed performance.

Party no.5 – Hardwell at Meydan (19 February 2016)

I had been waiting to see Hardwell for so long. When a DJ prepares a 3 hour exclusive set for the event, you know you will be out of energy by the end of the concert. Meydan is huge and is the perfect place for concerts. With so many food options as well, you can come in early when the DJs are warming up before the main event.

Even though the crowd kept pouring in till the end, the venue was never going to be full.

Party no.6 – Tiesto at Zero Gravity (26 February 2016)

Back to Zero Gravity for Tiesto. Ever Since Tiesto changed his genre of music, his crowd following has changed too. I however have stayed loyal and still like the new type of music he makes. How about a DJ stopping by your city to perform before he heads to play in another country next day? That’s what Tiesto did exactly. He was headed for South Africa the next day and just dropped by for this gig in Dubai.

The crowds came in huge numbers and there was literally little space to move around. No one stopped dancing till Tiesto kept playing.


Martin Garrix

I attended 2 more concerts during this year – The new year’s one at Meydan with Martin Garrix being the headline DJ. This was one crazy concert as the supporting acts were by amazing DJs (Julian Jordan and Jay Hardway) and I danced for easily 5 hours at a stretch. Garrix played a 3 hour special set for the event. Watching the Burj Khalifa fire crackers show from the distance was amazing.


The second concert was Avicii on 1st April 2016. Since Avicii is retiring from the stage, this one was special concert. Held at the Sheikh Rashid Hall at World Trade Centre, the concert saw thousands gather to see Avicii perform in Dubai for probably the first and last time. The last half hour of the show was crazy with Avicii playing his top hits.

Coming up:

For those who are not aware, Armin van Buuren is coming down to Dubai on 20 May 2016. I have attended his concert before and his music is just amazing. He is one of the only DJs to stay at number one for a long long time. The concert will be at Meydan. You still have time to buy the tickets.

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