Food Review: Bianca Mozzarella & Co.

Everytime I visit BoxPark, I am just amazed by the design and the architecture of the place. It might be one of the reasons why I visit the place once in awhile and try new restaurants.

This time around, I and my friends opted for Bianca, a restaurant serving Italian cuisine. Due to the rush, we had to initially wait for a period of about 20 minutes or so to get a table. I was impressed by the staff member, who was looking after the welcome desk. She refused to give us smaller tables since it would impact the service.

As we finally got our tables, we settled down and ordered the drinks. I opted for the Pomegranate Juice. It took a few minutes for the bread to arrive. The bread was decent and we were served about 3 sets for a table of 8 (reasonable enough). I love Balsamic Vinegar and am really critical about it. I did like the one used at Bianca.

There was a bit of confusion as the drinks arrived. Our server had forgotten my drink, but it didn’t take much time for him to rectify this mistake. During this time, we had already ordered for the starters and main course. Not being too fancy about the starters, my friends ordered 2 plates of Bruschette. I was the only non-vegetarian on the table and opted for Straccetti di Pollo el Funghi, a chicken based dish.

unnamed (2).jpg
Pomegranate Juice

The pomegranate juice is served in a cute little jar. The juice was delicious. It was pretty evident from the taste that the pomegranates used were fresh. A bit of ice would have surely helped but no complaints.


Each plate of Bruschette had 6-8 servings. For those, who are not aware, Bruschette is toasted bread topped with chopped seasonal tomatoes, vegetables and basil leaves. The toppings may differ at different restaurants. I really liked the Bruschette and being a bit greedy wiped out half a plate of it.

unnamed (1).jpg
Straccetti di Pollo el Funghi

Moving on to the main course, Straccetti di Pollo el Funghi was simply amazing. The white sauce used in the dish was so rich and creamy. The dish consisted of Grilled free-range chicken strips cooked with mushrooms, cream, sage and garlic. The chicken was cooked to perfection while the sage and mushrooms perfectly blended in with rich creamy white sauce.

The dish was really heavy but so damn delicious that I did not stop till I wiped out the plate. I might have to run to burn those calories out but nevertheless, a perfect dish for a Christmas dinner.

My friends opted for a few varieties of vegetarian Pastas. They liked a few while there was one specific one which was below par. Since I did not try those, I would not comment on the same.

My experience at the restaurant was good, except for a few service hiccups. The restaurant might not be inexpensive as such, nor is it too pricey. I would surely visit again to try a few more dishes and maybe even update this review.

Cost of dishes I tried:

Bruschette: AED 34/plate (6-8 servings/pieces of bread)

Straccetti di Pollo el Funghi: AED 68

Pomegranate Juice: AED 28

Bianca Mozzarella & Co. Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

2 thoughts on “Food Review: Bianca Mozzarella & Co.

    1. Hi Kunal, thank you for the update. We actually got 7 itself. The photo was taken before we ate anything from the plate. I will update the post for 6-8 servings. Thank you 🙂

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