Food Review: Rainbow Steak House

When I received an invite to Rainbow Steak House, I immediately accepted it and started researching about the restaurant on the internet. I was pleased to know that the restaurant was a part of Rainbow Hospitality that managed a number of restaurants across the country and were also a well-known name in catering services. After visiting their website – I was looking forward to what the restaurant had to offer.
As I entered the restaurant, a welcome sign under a lovely setting of blue light was visible. The restaurant staff welcomed me and I made my way to my table. The restaurant has two types of sitting arrangements; one being the open area with the regular dining tables while the second one being cabins which seats approximately 4-6 individuals. Each cabin has a separate door which can be closed if privacy is what you want.
Welcome to the restaurant

As I settled down at the table, I ordered for a drink. I was in the mood to try something different and ended up ordering for a cocktail juice. Served in a stylish glass, the fresh cocktail juice looked amazing. The taste of the juice was good too.

Fresh Cocktail Juice

I had a choice between the A La carte menu and the buffet; I opted for the buffet so that I could try more dishes and give my verdict on the same. Before I walk you through my experience, let me allow informing you that the buffet includes Chinese, Arabic, Indian and Continental dishes, ensuring that it caters to the needs of everyone.

Starting with salads, I was amazed by the variety of salads in the buffet. A few of the salads in the buffet were Prawns Salad, Tabouleh, Russian Salad, Greek Salad, Apple Salad, Crab with corn, Coleslaw, Fattoush, Corn with Cabbage. I counted atleast 25 plus varieties of salads.
A large variety of salads to choose from
I filled my plate with a little bit of salads from every cuisine type but at the same time ensured that I did not take too much since I still had the main course and desserts (my favourite part of any buffet) to go through.
I liked all the salads I tried. Each and every salad was fresh and tasted good. I enjoyed the variety of salads and did not take long to gulp down the entire plate.
My plate full of salads
Once done with the salads, it was time to head to the live cooking station. The live cooking station offers one the option to choose grilled fish, shrimps in different varieties. One can choose from regular grilled to Arabic to Spicy.
Live cooking station
In the need to try something spicy I opted for the spicy option of fish and shrimps. I was glad that I did go for the spicy option since the spices used provided a good flavour to the fish and shrimps. I loved the shrimps while the fish was decent enough.
Spicy Grilled Fish and Shrimps
Fish and Shrimps were not the only items I tried in grill. I also got the opportunity to try grilled chicken, kebabs and some beef too. Served in a chafing dish and covered with a Romaali Roti, the grilled chicken and beef were cooked to perfection. The meat was tender, juicy and tasted good.
Grilled Chicken and Beef

After having all these wonderful dishes, it was time to head back to the buffet in order to try some items from the main course. The main course included varieties of Chicken, Turkey, Lamb, Rice, Noodles and Fish etc.

Since I had eaten quite a lot, I went for little servings of rice and yellow dal (lentil), Egg noodles, fried rice and some turkey. Just like the other dishes I had tried earlier, all dishes in the main course tasted good. I did however feel that the Turkey could have been better, no complaints though.

Main Course


I love desserts and I really mean it. Even after being somewhat full from all the dishes I had tried, I had enough space in my tummy for the desserts. With atleast 15-20 desserts staring at me willing to be eaten, I went for 6 of them.
I totally loved the desserts, they were amazing. My pick of the lot was Gajar Ka Halwa (Carrot Halwa – Indian Dessert). I felt the Eclair was excellent too. After eating all the desserts, I started craving for more but I stopped myself to go for any more servings. After thanking the manager for the invite, I headed back home happy and satisfied.
Yummy Desserts
My visit at Rainbow Steak House was a very good one. I liked the variety of dishes the restaurant had to offer as a part of the buffet. Be it salads, main course or desserts, everything tasted good and it did look like the cook had put in a lot of effort in each and every dish.

Based in Hamriya (Dubai), I would say Rainbow Steak House is one of the better restaurants if you want to drop in for a big buffet meal.

I was invited to try the food at Rainbow Steak House, therefore I have not provided any ratings for the restaurant. All opinions expressed are solely based on my experience and are not influenced by the restaurant or its management in any way.
Restaurant: Rainbow Steak House
Location: Al Khaleej Road, Hamriya, Dubai
Contact No.: +971 4 2398301

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