Movie Review: The Grand Budapest Hotel

After the brilliance Wes Anderson portrayed in Moonrise Kingdom, he is back with yet another gem “The Grand Budapest Hotel”. The movie involves smartly written dialogues along with a simple yet intriguing script.
The movie revolves around two main characters namely Zero, the Lobby Boy (played by Tony Revolori) and M. Gustave (played by Ralph Fiennes). M.Gustave manages The Grand Budapest Hotel and is a unique character for whom the reputation of the hotel is everything. On the other hand Zero is a Lobby Boy who would go to any extent to help his boss M.Gustave.
All the Characters in the Movie (Source:

The movie is about the character Mr. Moustafa (F. Murray Abraham) narrating the story of M. Gustave. Gustave being a famous and attractive man (atleast to the older women) uses his charismatic persona on the women he meets and ends up making a lot of friends.

The story develops when Madame D. (Tilda Swinton), who loves Gustave dies and it is believed that her death is not out of natural circumstances but someone has murdered her. As the blame falls on Gustave, it is upto him and the Lobby boy Zero to prove his innocence and to find out who the murderer is. What follows is a ride filled with laughter.

The best scene of the movie (Source: oneroomwithaview)

The beauty of the movie lies in the fact that nothing is overdone. The director and the actors have made sure that they have kept it simple. The scenarios and situations that develop throughout the movie bring out humor. The acting is brilliant with outstanding performances by Ralph Fiennes and Tony Revolori. They are well supported by the likes of 20 year old Saoirse Ronan, who plays Agatha, Zero’s love interest.

Other actors such as Adrein Brody (playing the character of Dmitri) and Willem Dafoe (playing the character of Jopling) handle their parts well too. The scenes where Ralph and Tony share the screen are hilarious and the chemistry between them will make you fall in love with their characters.

Ralph and Tony in a scene from the movie (Source: emertainmentmonthly)

Plenty of times we come across movies that are not promoted too well but when you watch these movies you are so impressed with them that you wonder why the promotion fell short. The Grand Budapest Hotel is one such movie that might not have received too much TV time but it will surely receive its share of critical acclaim. A movie that is totally worth watching. The movie is set to release in UAE on May 8, 2014.

Rating:     9/10
Runtime: 100 minutes

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