Movie Review: We’re The Millers

Get ready to laugh your hearts out as Jason Sudeikis teams up with Jennifer Aniston once again after the success of Horrible Bosses. However this time around, they also have Emma Roberts and Will Poulter as a part of their team. We’re the Millers is a 15+ comedy movie directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber, who is known for his 2004 success Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story.
Source: Rope of Silicon
David Clark (Jason Sudeikis) is a small pot dealer who goes around town selling weed with the weirdest names one can think of. He keeps a low profile to stay away from trouble and has some morality if you may say when it comes to drug dealing. He does not deal with kids. Jeniffer Aniston plays the character of Rose’O Reilly, a neighbour of David Clark. Rose works as a stripper and has a problematic life when it comes to finances.
Will Poulter plays Kenny Rossmore, a kid who resides in the same building as David. Will’s problem is his behaviour with girls. Will gets nervous whenever he comes in front of girls and does not know how to react. Casey Mathis (played by Emma Roberts) is a homeless girl who has presumably runaway from her house. She roams the streets during day time and crashes at her friends’ houses at nights.
A shot from the movie with all four leads (Source: Madison Movie)

Things go wrong when Casey encounters thugs and Will jumps in to save her. Will not being the strongest of kids is no match for the thugs. Eventually David steps in to save both Casey and Will. It is due to this encounter that David’s apartment is raided and all his cash and drugs are taken away.

The stolen money belongs to Brad Gurdlinger (played by Ed Helms) who gives David a chance to save his life by smuggling drugs from Mexico to USA. David being in a tight spot accepts the offer. What follows is a crazy plan for smuggling the drugs. David, Rose, Kenny and Casey come together to act as the Miller family in order to make the plan a success and get their cut.
The Millers run into a Mexican Cop (Source: Ace Showbiz)

During the course of the trip, various characters are introduced and the Millers go through lots of ups and downs. Some of the characters that make their mark include Nick Offerman as Don Fitzgerald and Matthew Willig as One-Eye. It is during the trip that the four main characters start bonding and caring for each other.The trip is fun and with the involvement of a spider, another family on a trip to Mexico and a Mexican mafia who is out to get his drug stock back, it just gets crazier. There are plenty of hilarious scenes in the movie and most of the jokes are adult jokes, which is pretty much expected given the movie’s rating.

Reacting to an accident (Source: Black Film)

Jason Sudeikis and Jennifer Aniston do justice to their resepective roles. Emma Roberts has also managed to give a good performance in the movie. However, English actor Will Poulter steals the show. The character of Will is a well written one and he has ensured to give his best.

With a runtime of just under 2 hours, the movie is just about the correct length. We’re The Millers is recommended if you are looking to release some stress and have a good laugh.

Rating:    8/10
Runtime: 110 minutes

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