Food Review: Bennigan’s, The Dubai Mall

I was recently invited to Bennigan’s at The Dubai Mall to try the delicious food and have an amazing F1 racing experience as a part of the “All You Can Eat Beef” promotion. The promotion allows one to have as much beef as one can for AED 95.
On my arrival, I was greeted by the staff. As I settled down at my table, my host Vergel arrived to welcome me along with Chef Khaled. I spoke to Chef Khaled about the promotion and he asked me about my beef preference. After a short conversation, the Chef bid farewell and went back to the kitchen to perform his magic of cooking.
From left to right: Olive Paste and Butter

Vergel helped me through my order and then brought over some bread, along with kettle cooked chips. The bread was served with Butter and Olive paste. The bread was fresh and soft while the Olive paste was smooth and tasted delicious. The best thing about the Olive paste was its strong flavour.

Kettle Cooked Chips with Cheese Dip

The Kettle cooked chips were served with a cheese dip. Not only were the chips tasty but they were pretty crisp. It has been some time since I have had chips that were so crisp. I had to stop myself from eating too many of them in order to keep some space for the main course.

Peach Mojito

Next on was the Peach Mojito. I have always liked Mojitos and my favourite flavours are Strawberry and Peach. Bennigan’s ensured that it did not disappoint me by making an amazing Peach Mojito. It was the perfect drink to go along with my order of “All You Can Eat Beef” meal.

All You Can Eat Beef meal

As my order for “All You Can Eat Beef” was placed on my table, I knew that this meal would be a test my appetite. The meal portion is large and therefore filling. I ordered my beef with a mushroom sauce (you can order a sauce of your choice from a given list), while French fries and grilled vegetables are served as sides with the order.

The beef was well cooked, tasty and the meat had that bit of juice in it. The Mushroom sauce was amazing due to the fact that it had mushroom pieces in it. It was not one of those ordinary sauces that only have a mushroom flavour to it. I truly loved the sauce. The combination of the sauce and the beef was impressive. Grilled vegetables were fresh and tasted good. Similarly, the French fries were pretty good.

Molten Cake

Even though I was pretty much full after my meal, I could not let go of a chance to taste a dessert. Vergel recommended the Molten cake. Being a chocoholic, I agreed to him and waited for my order. The Molten cake was the best part of my meal. The ice cream, the chocolate, the cream topping on the ice-cream, the caramel and the chocolate syrup together resulted in a happy me.

F1 Simulation Game for a F1 experience

One would be happy with this experience but this was not all. As mentioned earlier, the “All You Can Eat Beef” promotion comes along with a F1 experience called “Beat the Bull Challenge”. To be a part of the F1 experience, you need to be above 21 years old.

The promotion allows you to enjoy a F1 simulation game. This is something new, as I have never seen a restaurant come up with such an innovative idea.

One needs to just sit down in front simulator designed to have a feel of a F1 car, starting from that steering wheel to those high speeds and changing of gears using your hands. The first lap is a practice lap so that get the basics of how to drive the car. It is during this lap that a staff member guides you throw the process of driving the car. After this you can enjoy the next lap while you try to beat the time of 2 minutes and 10 seconds (I managed 2 minutes and 12 seconds).

Overall my experience was a good one. The “All You Can Eat Beef” promotion is definitely worth a try. Everything starting from the service to the food and the F1 experience with the simulator was just about right. As I was about to leave, I was invited over for a click with the friendly staff. I am pretty sure that after this experience, I shall be visiting Bennigan’s again real soon.


I was invited to try the food at Bennigan’s, therefore I have not provided any ratings for the restaurant. All opinions expressed are solely based on my experience and are not influenced by the restaurant or its management in any way.


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