Movie Review: Yamla Pagla Deewana 2

Throw in the Deols, some emotional scenes, bashing of thugs and a lot of craziness, the result would be Yamla Pagla Deewana; now multiply this by two and one would think the result is Yamla Pagla Deewana 2 (YPD2). However, this is not the case. From trailers YPD2 does look like one heck of a movie but somehow fails to bring out the same result as the first installment.

(Source: Infimovies)

The characters of Dharam (Dharmendra) and Gajodhar (Bobby Deol) are the same as in the first movie. Dharam and Gajodhar are con-men who try to cheat people in order to enjoy their life with the hard earned money of others. In YPD, Paramveer (Sunny Deol), the other son of Dharam (a noble guy) tried his best to keep his dad and brother away from cheating people. In YPD2, he believes that they are now sober men who live a decent life. Little does he know that they haven’t changed and their next target is Sir Yograj Khanna (Annu Kapoor).

(Source: Zee News India)

Paramveer is a collection agent who comes to Yograj to understand the reason for his nonpayment of loan installments. As he identifies the problem, he also discovers that his own dad and brother are trying to con Yograj. Thus starts the battle between good and bad.

A number of characters are thrown in the movie in the form of Dude G or Joginder Armstrong (Anupam Kher), Bunty and Babli (Johnny Lever and Sucheta Khanna), however all these well-known actors are wasted. The two female leads of the movie Reet (Kristina Akheeva) and Suman (Neha Sharma) both look gorgeous in the movie but fail to impress with their acting.

The main lead show us some moves (Source: Bollywoodle)

The story is so-so and Dharmendra and Bobby Deol are just about fine. The highlight of the movie is Sunny Deol, who has acted brilliantly and looks handsome in the Sikh avatar. With all those bashing of thugs and criminals, Sunny brings back old memories of his movies. Another character that you would love to see is Einstein or Happy (The Orangutan). Happy does manage to make everyone happy whenever on the screen. There are some peppy soundtracks (especially the title track) that make you groove.

The second half of the movie is much better that the first half. The movie does have some fun moments and a few jokes that tickle your funny bone. On the whole, the movie does have all the ingredients of making a good movie however wrong quantities of these ingredients means the recipe is not one would want. 

Rating: 6/10 (An extra 1 for Sunny Deol)

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