Jodhpur – Staying true to its roots

They say that necessity is the mother of invention. This holds true for food as well. With people travelling more often than they used to and trying different kinds of food, fusion in food was the need of the hour. Jodhpur is one of those restaurants that cater to those who like modern contemporary food. However what separates Jodhpur from other restaurants is that even after introducing modern contemporary dishes, it manages to stay true to its roots.


The Macaron chaat from Jodhpur had been going viral and appeared a number of times on my Instafeed. This was one of the dishes that caught my attention and I wanted to visit Jodhpur, hence I did not hesitate when an invite from the PR Company landed in my inbox.

For those who are not aware, Jodhpur is a city in northwest state in Rajasthan. The restaurant does not only derive its name from the city but its look too. Right from the two Elephant statues at the entrance to the spiral staircase with a Gold design in the railings, from the pillars with glass to the interiors that boast the Royal Blue and Gold colours throw across a strong statement of Royalty and not only any royalty but Rajasthani Royalty.


It didn’t take myself and my friend to go down the spiral staircase and settle down at our table. As I sat down, I was already happy with the fact that the invite was for lunch since the sunlight seeped in through the curtains and the restaurant looked beautiful. The view of the pool through the white curtains was a pretty sight.


We ordered drinks to start our culinary journey at Jodhpur. We left the choice of choosing the drink to the staff. After a while, Passionate, a Passion fruit based drink was served to us. We enjoyed the drink thoroughly.

The first dish to land on our table was the Jeera Khari with Herb Yoghurt. Jeera Khari is basically an Indian puff with Caraway seeds. The Khari was baked to perfection with the right amount of crispness. The presentation of the dish was pretty amazing too. The Khari was served on top of an auto rickshaw (photo below).

Next on was the mind-blowing Macaron Chaat. If I was asked to name a dish that took fusion to another level, the Macaron Chaat would surely top the list. Brilliance by Chef Pradeep Khullar.

We were served four starters; each one had some unique element. The starters we tried were Beef short ribs with Aam papad glaze, Laban and Ricotta Kabab, Raan, ghost pepper brushed and Achari Jhinga.

The Beef short rib was tender and juicy. The meat is braised for 8 hours before it is fried to make it crispy and then it is tossed in a reduction made with Aam Papad (Mango Papad), Tamarind and Chilli paste. The Aam papad reminded me of Amritsar. Can someone please get me some Aam papad from Amritsar please?


As the name suggests, Laban and Ricotta Kabab is a fusion of Hung curd and Ricotta cheese with the Indian form of Kabab. What’s unique you ask? Well, the center portion of the Kabab is served cold while the outside is fried. Interesting right?!


Raan basically refers to Goat meat. The Goat leg is braised for 8 hours before it is finished in the tandoor and is marinated with Chipotle cream. Gold, edible gold! The Raan is served with Gold Vark, which is basically edible gold foil.

Vark is commonly used on Sweets in India. Even though the Silver one is more common, you do come across the Gold one once in a while.


They say, save your best for the last and I think Chef Pradeep did just that. The final starter on the menu was the Achari Jhinga (Pickled Prawn). To prepare the dish, Tiger Prawn is Pan grilled and is marinated in a lemon pickle marinade. This is then served with Beetroot Carpaccio.

The lemon pickle flavour is so authentic that it took me back to the time I spent in Punjab. That lemon pickle prepared by my Grandma (memories!). The specialty of this famous lemon pickle is that it is both sweet and tangy, making it one of my favourite pickles.

Once done with the starters, it was time to take a break and clean our palate. We were served with Mango, Cranberry and Kaffir Lime Sorbets. The sorbets are served in cute toy pressure cookers. A light and fun palate cleanser that takes you back to your childhood; remember those ice lollies?


After the palate cleanser, we headed for the main course. One by one, four main courses showed up at our table. The four main courses served to us were – Murgh Maska, Miniature Pav Bhaji, Faux Dal Makhni and Chur Chur Kulcha.

By this time our drinks were already over and we were offered another drink. We opted for Guavalicious, an interesting Guava based drink. I am a big time Guava fan and I really liked the drink.

The Murgh Maska is basically the classic Butter chicken. The version served at Jodhpur is much lighter and consists of Paprika Quail Egg as well. The gravy of the dish is consistent and smooth.


Bread can make you full easily and evenmore make you feel bloated. If you’re having a meal with an extensive spread, you probably want to skip that. Pav Bhaji, a traditional dish from the streets of Bombay is served with bulky buttered Pav bread. It’s delicious nevertheless but the bread fills you up real quick.

Chef Pradeep has an answer to this issue. The answer is the Miniature Pav Bhaji. The Miniature Pav Bhaji is served as a bowl of Bhaji (dish made out of vegetables) along with Miniature Pavs (so damn cute). The dish lets you enjoy the flavours of Pav Bhaji while ensuring that you still have space for other dishes in that tummy of yours.


Faux Dal Makhani was a challenge from Chef Pradeep to us. He had done some tweaking in the dish and we had to identify it. The dal was pretty good but we couldn’t guess what was different about the dish. Making changes with different elements in a well-known dish without having any issues with the taste speaks highly of the Chef and the quality of the dish.

The switch was in the Dal itself. The Chef used Moong Dal instead of Urad Dal in the dish. Well done Chef!


Do you remember the time when you were a kid and counted the pieces of bread or rotis you had? “No mom, I had 2 pieces of bread. You know I don’t eat more than 2.” Sounds familiar right? The chur-chur kulcha was an innovation to solve this issue for the moms. That’s exactly what Chef Pradeep told us.

Imagine you have a plate of a kulcha with cottage cheese, onions, chillies and cumin seeds crushed with the hands. What happens now is that you can’t count how many kulchas you are having. One will only stop when the stomach and the mind indicate that that’s that.


Finally it was time for the much awaited desserts. We were served two desserts – Rasmalai with Milk foam Rabdi and Saffron Jalebi, both Indian classics with a twist of course.

The Rasmalai is served on a bed of Saffron flavoured milk and is topped with Milk foam and Pistachios. Another ingredient is used in the dessert to bring in the fusion element. This ingredient is crisp Kataifi. Soft Rasmalai and a crunchy Kataifi is an interesting combination.


Saffron Jalebi is served on a tree. The Jalebi tree is a beautiful sight indeed. Full marks for presentation of this dessert. The Jalebis are accompanied with Mascarpone Rabdi, topped with Golden Dust. One of the prettiest desserts I have seen in a while.

My overall experience at Jodhpur was unique and satisfying. What enhanced the experience was the way new elements were added to dishes to create something new while staying true to the authenticity of the dish.

Another fun factor was Chef Pradeep himself, a down to earth individual and a passionate chef. He kept visiting our table to check if things were going well and to share his experiences and insights to the origins of the dishes.

I have been to a number of Indian restaurants but the experience at Jodhpur is one of the finest ones I have had. Try it for yourself and tell me what you think about the restaurant.


I was invited to the restaurant by the restaurant’s PR Company. My review however is in no way influenced by the PR company or the restaurant’s management. It is for the same reason that I have not shared any pricing of the dishes and have not given any rating to the restaurant. My views are solely based on my experience at the restaurant during the visit.


Restaurant: Jodhpur

Location: Al Murooj Rotana, Downtown Dubai

Contact No.: +971 4 3559846

Cuisine: Indian

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