Food Review: Which Wich

Now that everyone is fascinated by American Franchises opening in U.A.E., it was about time that Which Wich showed up. While Which Wich is pretty similar in concept to the likes of Pot Belly, Charley’s Grilled Subs and Subway, it has a lot more to offer. Another added benefit of Which Wich is that it is more organized than its competitors.
Located at the side of City Tower 1 (Near Crowne Plaza Hotel) on Sheikh Zayed Road, Which Wich has to offer a range of sandwiches or as some would say Subs, along with some smooth Milk Shakes and freshly baked cookies.

As you enter Which Wich, you can see an area on the left hand side with a huge list of sandwich options and numbers from 1 to 10 on it. Each number indicates a category of sandwich. For example: 1 is for Turkey, 4 is for Chicken while 6 is for Vegetarian. Under each category, a number of sandwich options are listed. There are 5 sandwich options under each category, which gives you a choice of about 50 sandwiches. This means that one cannot complain about the number of sandwiches Which Wich has to offer.

The first step is to pick a brown bag from the number you choose and start ticking off the options one by one. You have to start by choosing from 1 of the 5 sandwich options. After selecting the Chicken Category, I chose Buffalo Chicken from the list which also included Chicken Tikka Salad, Chicken Pesto, Teriyaki Chicken and Chicken.

A few interesting drawings

Once done with this, one has the option to also choose whether they want double cheese or double meat. I didn’t choose either. The next step is an important one and it is totally dependent on your choice and appetite at the same time. There are 3 different sizes of wiches to choose from – A small wich is 7 inches in size, a medium wich is 10.5 inches in size and a large wich is 14 inches in size. If you are not interested in having a sandwich, there is also a choice of Bowlwich or Lettucewich (A lettuce wrap).

Since I wasn’t too hungry, I opted for a small wich. The next thing I had to make up my mind was on deciding whether to go for a coldwich or a hotwich (a toasted sandwich). I love toasted sandwiches and went for the hotwich.


Choose what you like

After completing these easy steps, it is then time for a difficult step. Why I consider this particular step difficult is because of the number of choices one has. There are more than 10 varieties of cheeses, 10 varieties of spreads and sauces, 3 types of mustards, 3 types of mayos, 6 different dressings, 3 types of onions, more than 10 types of veggies and about 7 Oils and spices to choose from. Which wich offers so much that one would be spoilt for choice.

After ticking off the options, me and my friend handed over the brown packet at the cash counter and paid for my sandwich. Since I wanted something sweet as well, I ordered a brownie. We were asked to take a seat and the staff would bring it to us.

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

Our order arrived in about 5-7 minutes. The sandwich was warm and tasted delicious. I loved the chicken and the fresh veggies used in the sandwich. However the best part about the sandwich was the Marinara sauce. The Crisps in the sandwiches added that extra awesomeness to the sandwich.

The staff was generous enough to give us a complementary Double Chocolate Cookie and a Cranberry & White Chocolate Cookie. I loved the freshly baked Double Chocolate Cookie, while the Cranberry & White Chocolate Cookie was good too. The Brownie however was just brilliant. Overall, justice was done to my sweet tooth.

Brownie, Double Chocolate Cookie and Cranberry & White Chocolate Cookie

I must add that I have also tried the Milkshakes at Which Wich on different visits. I loved the Oreo Milkshake and my friend speaks highly of the Vanilla Milkshake. The Milkshakes are thick and filling since it is only available in large size. During other visits and home delivery, I have tried Teriyaki Chicken, Chicken Tikka Salad, Chicken Italiano, Chipotle Chicken and Chicken Cordon Bleu sandwiches. I must say that I was impressed by each of these sandwiches.

On the whole, Which Wich is the perfect place for sandwich and sub lovers. It has a variety to offer like no other and with the Brownie, Cookies and Milkshakes it has to offer, Which Wich deserves a lot more loyal customers than it presently has. Dine in at Which Wich and you will understand why I speak so highly of this place.

Location: City Tower 1, Near Crowne Plaza Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai.
Contact No.: 00971 4 4409300 ext. 440
For further details and menu visit:

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