Movie Review: Runner Runner

Ben Affleck has been all over the news recently due to the possibility of him playing Batman. Ever since the news was out confirming him to play Batman, there was an outrage on Social Media platforms justifying why Ben might not be the correct choice. Under such circumstances, Runner Runner doesn’t seem like the best pick for Ben.In addition to this, one should not forget that Affleck’s previous movie Argo was a blockbuster hit and landed up with 3 Oscar wins. It is always difficult for an actor to follow up after such a huge success.

(Source: Ace Showbiz)
Runner Runner starring Justin Timberlake, Gemma Artherton and Ben Affleck is a thriller involving crime and a lot of gambling. Justin Timberlake plays Richie Furst, a youngster struggling with finances in order to complete his degree. Due to his financial issues, Richie is drawn towards gambling. After he loses everything online due to cheating, he makes it a point to get to Ivan Block (played by Ben Affleck) the owner of the gambling site.
The road from New Jersey to Costa Rica for Richie isn’t easy but being a smart chap, he manages to eventually track down Ivan with some help from Rebecca Shafran (played by Gemma Artherton). Richie confronts Ivan and tells him how he was cheated on his website. Ivan thanks Richie but does not say anymore till their next meeting.
Ben Affleck and Justin Timberlake meet at The House (Source: ChercaBulas Mindbox)
It is during their next meeting that Ivan offers Richie a job that would pay him a lot of money. Richie readily accepts the offer at the thought of earning a lot of money. The rest of the movie focuses on the corrupt political system and the trouble one has to go through in order to keep the gambling business running.
The movie is a bit on the slower side and there are limited number of scenes that might be counted as action scenes. The scenes with Justin Timberlake and Ben Affleck are the best ones in the movie. The romantic scenes between Justin and Gemma fail to impress and their chemistry is passable.
A shot from the movie (Source: Blog CDN)
Ben Affleck playing Ivan Block has a decent role but there is not much he could have done with the character. It is the strongest character in the script but not strong enough to lift the movie. Justin Timberlake’s perform is second only to Ben Affleck. However his role includes a lot of running around. Gemma Artherton is present only to add a beauty factor to the movie. She has been given very few dialogues and can be seen just walking around in a lot of scenes.
The movie is by no means bad, the only issue is that it is not good enough to keep you interested. There are no exciting moments in the movie that develop the audiences interest. The best scenes of the movie have already been revealed in the trailer. On the whole, the movie is an average one.
Rating:    5.5/10
Runtime: 91 minutes

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