Movie Review: World War Z

How many zombie movies have we seen? The answer would be plenty. I have always been a fan of the zombie genre and on behalf of any zombie genre fan, I would like to add that with the commencement of The Walking Dead, the bar was raised. World War Z is yet another zombie movie with its own take of what a zombie would be like. 
(Source: Fansided)
Brad Pitt plays the character of Gerry Lane, an ex-United Nations employee. Even though Gerry is no longer with the UN, he has to take up this job (of finding a solution to the apocalypse) in exchange of his family’s security. Even though Pitt pulls out a good performance, the movie fails to impress.
What doesn’t go down well is the fact that the concept of zombies has been changed. Zombies are no longer slow moving ones that drag themselves across the streets in search of human flesh. I somehow find the agility of the zombies unconvincing, since agility has always been linked to vampires.
Taking his family to safety (Source: Philly)
Leaving aside the fact that zombies have been portrayed differently, the movie has little or no gore at all. C’mon a zombie movie without gore, what were you thinking? What irritates you is the fact that Pitt survives through unrealistic situations. I know he is the hero, but don’t make him a super hero.
Brad Pitt looks on as zombies attack the city (Source: Time Inc)
However the movie does have some high points. The scenes shot in Jerusalem are totally amazing with zombies jumping over each other to form a tower. The camera work used throughout the movie is excellent.  Another positive side to the movie is that the zombie apocalypse has not been restricted to USA itself. The phenomena is a worldwide one and the movie takes you to the different parts of the world in search of answers to the problem.
The second half of the movie is much better as compared to the first half. There are some funny zombie moments in the movie (not sure if they were meant to be this way).
Zombies form a tower (Source: Business Insider)
The use of scientific knowledge in order to come up with a solution to the zombie apocalypse is impressive and it seems that the writers did use some research on this. Yes, the movie is based on the novel by Max Brooks so the storyline, be it good or bad has to be credited to Brooks itself.
On the whole, the movie is an average one but does not do justice to the zombie genre.
Rating:     5.5/10
Runtime:  116 mins.

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