Overrated food trends in Dubai

That looks amazing! It’s so Instagramable! Heard these sentences before? I have.

There are plenty of trends that come and go but some just stick around for too long or become so obvious that the fun dies. I have made a list of the few food trends in Dubai that are not so attractive anymore (for me ofcourse) but are still being dragged around because they seem “cool”.

1. Lotus everything

I like Lotus (the flower) and trust me the biscuits are good too but throwing around Lotus on every dessert? Please! Needless to say that I have probably stopped trying Lotus desserts as most of the cafes or restaurants have made it their specialty. We need something more innovative now.

2. Matcha

Matcha made its way from the east part of the world. Yes, I love Matcha but every second cafe wants to do something with it now. They just went for the overkill and the trend died for me.

3. Molecular Gastronomy 

It looks cool, it’s fun as well but for God sake let me have the food in its true essence for once! So many restaurants came up with the concept one after the other and it seemed all good to a limit, but then if you keep doing the same thing again and again, the concept looses its charm. Apart from that the food in some places also lost its quality and flavour. It’s all fun but sometimes simple is better. What’s even more important is that you don’t kill the flavours or the taste of the dish just to pull of some magic trick. 

4. Gold dust and other edible forms of Gold

Yes, there is edible gold and even some Indian sweets have silver film but Gold in everything is a bit too much for me. Again, food quality and taste should be the priority. Gold translates to luxury for a lot of people but food quality shouldn’t be comprised only to prove that adding Gold to dishes makes you stand out.

5. Freakshakes or monstershakes

For the sake of God, how many of you have actually finished one alone? So many calories, so much sugar and just randomness thrown together. They look really good in photos and might taste good too, but is it really worth it? 

6. Nutella

OMG Nutella! Yes, a lot of Nutella fans will hate me for it. A lot of cafes have shakes and desserts with Nutella and they call it chocolate. Nutella is a hazelnut spread with Cocoa! Plus, there has been an overdose of Nutella in the past few years. I just can’t relate to the hype and I am not sorry for that. Fans will be fans, but I am not one of them. I can have Nutella once in a while but still can’t stand the hype.

7. Oman Chips

Every second sandwich or Ragag maker wants to throw in Oman chips or Chips Oman (whatever you have been calling them). I have been a big fan of the chips since I was a kid and every now and then pick up a packet from the Grocery store or Supermarket, however I am getting exhausted with the efforts of throwing the Chips in plenty of things. It might have worked for a few but for the rest, the dishes have been a disaster. 

8. Food trucks

Few years back, there were barely any food trucks in Dubai and now every now and then there are food truck events around the block. I love food trucks but anything in excess just spoils the fun. Food trucks are like the song Despacito, pretty much everyone loved it when it came out but we got so much of it that a lot of people don’t want to hear about it anymore! 

Again; this is my list of overrated food trends here and you might slightly or even completely disagree with it and that’s completely fine. Everyone is entitled to hold their own opinions. 

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