7 things to do in California, USA

There are a few places around the world that are really close to my heart; California is surely one of them. I stayed in California for only a week but it felt like one of those places that I wouldn’t mind settling down in.

From beaches to city life, from amazing restaurants to iconic structures, California has it all. During my visit, I stayed in Los Angeles and San Francisco and also drove around. This post is a roundup of 7 of my favourite things to do in California.

1. Head down to the Golden Gate Bridge (San Francisco)

By far the most iconic structure in the western United States, the Golden Gate Bridge is an architectural feat. You can take a cab or Uber to the bridge and then walk around or probably just rent a bike and ride down to the bridge.

The bridge looks even better during foggy mornings and around sunset.

2. Spend your day at the Universal Studios (Los Angeles)

One of the best places to spend your day. Universal Studios offers a mix of rides from simple 4DX cinemas to roller coasters. There are plenty of restaurants to have a good meal. Don’t miss the huge Pink doughnuts near the Simpsons area. Another recommendation is the studio tour.

You can grab your hand on some amazing merchandise. The Harry Potter area was under construction when I visited the studios. I have heard it is now operational and is totally worth a visit.

3. Walk around Hollywood and check out the Walk of fame (Los Angeles)

Probably the most touristy spot in California has to be Hollywood. You can walk around Hollywood and visit Ripley’s believe it or not, The Wax Museum and even the famous Madame Tussauds. While roaming around the streets, be sure to check out the Walk of fame, which is basically an entire area of flooring lined with famous names in stars. See if you can find your favourite actor or musician.

4. Drive on the Pacific Coast Highway 1

One of the best road trips I have ever done in my life. I and my friends rented a car and drove from Los Angeles to San Francisco. The views on the route were just mesmerising. One specific sight that I remember is of an area where thousands of birds kept flying around the water.

The drive around the coast is an amazing We stopped a couple of times in between and had breakfast at Pete’s Breakfast House in Ventura. Pete’s Breakfast House has also been featured on the famous TV show Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.

5. Take the Caltrain (San Francisco)

Public transport in many cities can be confusing and it is no exception in San Francisco. The reason being that there are so many options and so many routes that it can be difficult to wrap your head around it. However if you want to experience a city, do try to use atleast one mode of public transport.

In San Francisco, Caltrain is one of the recommended public transport modes.

6. Hit Santa Monica Beach for the sunset (Los Angeles)

If you follow me on Instagram, you would already know that my love for sunsets is incomparable to any other natural phenomena. The sunsets in California are just at another level. I was lucky enough to witness sunsets in both Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Hit Santa Monica beach to get one of the best sunset views. If you are San Francisco, you can head to the Golden Gate Bridge or experience the sunset from a distance from Fisherman’s Wharf too.

 7. Visit the Union Station (Los Angeles)

The reason why Union Station is on the list is due to the fact that it is one of the most important transport links in the entire state of California. The station is huge in size and acts as a link for multiple modes of transportation. The interiors of the station are worth checking out.


California is a huge state and there are a number of places that I have not written about. A few more places you would like to check out are Six Flags Magic Mountains, Venice Beach, the Grammy Museum, Disneyland, the Walt Disney Concert Hall, LA Laker Staple Center, Chinatown etc.

Till I see you next time California!

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