7 things to do in Stavanger, Norway

Stavanger (Norway) is one of my favourite cities in the world. I have already been there twice and have stayed for about a month (if not more).

Stavanger is one of the prettiest places I have ever visited. There is a lot to do in Stavanger and places around it. This is my first post in the 7 things to do series, and Stavanger is the best pick to start off things.

1. Check out the street art

The street art around the Oil museum area is quite fascinating. I loved some of the pieces painted by unnamed artists. Below is one of the best ones I came across.

2. Eat at restaurants near the Stavanger Harbour

The area around the Stavanger harbour starts to get busy in summers. One of those places where you can soak in the sun, enjoy the views and dig into some delicious food.

3. Go hiking

There are plenty of amazing places to go hiking around Stavanger. Some of the best ones are Kjerag, Preikestolen, Manafossen falls and Trolltunga. If you want to read about each one of these hikes, you can read my guest post here – Norway – A Hiker’s Paradise

4. Visit the Sentrum Lake

The lake in the Sentrum area is really beautiful. You can come down to the lake in summers, sit on one of the benches and just relax while watching ducks swim in the lake.

If you want more, bring in some bread from home and look at how the birds flock towards you to get their share.

I haven’t visited the lake in winters but I have heard that it gets frozen and one can do ice skating on it. Pretty cool!

5. Learn about the history 

The European history is very rich and it is interesting to learn about it. The Norwegian history is no exception and it is amazing to learn about the Viking warriors. One of the way to learn about history is by visiting historic buildings and monuments. The Swords in Rocks monument is something you should not miss.

Located in Madla, the swords are made out of rock and are about 33 feet in height.

6. Take a Ferry Ride

One of the most common mode of transportation in Stavanger is Ferry. Ferries enable the city to connect to other towns and cities. You can just hop onto a ferry and explore other cities or probably enjoy the views of the beautiful Fjords. Make sure to check the ticket policy and prices before you hop onto one of the ferries.

7. Walk around the city

This is one of my favourite things to do in any city. Walking around the city helps you uncover the truth about the city. You come across amazing sights and learn a lot.

What I learnt about Stavanger is that the city has a lot of greenery and water. There is natural beauty wherever you go. Probably one of the reasons why I love the city.

Hope this list comes in handy when you are in Stavanger.

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